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Rodolfo J. Galván Martinez

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  • A self-taught computer scientist/engineer, web dev/ux, independent contractor.
  • A student.
  • A Musician.


Rodolfo Jahaziel
Galván Martinez




Austin, TX
United States of America

Although most of my passion lies in technology and music, being both part of the DACA community and LGBTQ+ community in the United States has influenced my interest and participation in social justice, equity, and inclusion for all regardless of gender, race, and/or sexual orientation. I can still geek out about algorithmic optomization with you though.



General Studies with a focus on Business

Studies in a competency based education environment called PelotonU to be able to get an associate's degree in general business studies. The goal is to be able to transfer to a four-year university and earn an undergraduate degree in computer engineering and then a PhD in a similar field.

Austin, Texas

Computer Engineering Student

Worked as a full time engineering student.

Austin, Texas


Introduction to music, technology, leadership, and organizing through extracurricular activities. Vice President of SGA and NHS. Drum major of the Cardinal Band and school media creator. Participated in robotics club, newspaper club, cross country and many other clubs.

Austin, Texas


Código Austin

March 2018 - Present

Co-Founder | CEO

In partnership with KIPP: Austin Public Schools and other Austin based tech companies like Silicon Laboratories, Codigo Austin was created to promote STEM fields to underserved students in our community through involvement, exposure, and mentorship.

Austin, Texas
Gold's Gym Highland

July 2018 - Present


I reach out to potential gym members through phone, email, or in person. I schedule meetings with potential members to help them reach their fitness goals. This skill requires interaction with systems such as Salesforce.

Austin, Texas

Independent Contractor

Early 2017 - Present

Web Dev | Technology Advisor

I built Amparo Garcia-Crow's website and became a technology advisor for her and Aralyn Hughes.

Austin, Texas
STRIP! The Musical

August 2017 - January 2018

Co-Stage Manager | Graphics Designer

I helped in the production of this musical, script written by Amparo Garcia-Crow, music by Arthur Shane. Producers included Shakey Graves. Partnerships included Forbidden Fruit, The Austin Chronicle, and Motorblade Postering Service.

Austin, Texas

May 2016 - August 2016

Marketing & Operations Intern

Now acquired by Lightedge, OnRamp was a small data hosting company in Austin Texas that specializes in a hybridity between cloud and colocation. In one project I worked with the WordPress CMS, javascript/jquery/ajax, HTML5, and CSS to create an online job application form. During this internship I also worked with python, cakePHP, MySQL, Linux distros, and physical servers.

Austin, Texas
Towne Park

October 2015 - Early 2017


Lead for valet and bellman services at the Austin downtown Marriott. I learned a lot of management and leadership skills.

Austin, Texas

Solutions Architect Intern

Helped create solution diagrams for point of sales. I learned Python to help data retrieval. Collaboratively studied a business case. Data modeling help. Participated in meetings that relate to any ongoing project. Immersed in Whole Foods culture!

Austin, Texas
Silicon Laboratories

Summer of 2014

Electrical Engineering Intern

Silicon Labs is a semiconductor company where I learned essential electrical engineering practices such as building basic circuits, dipole antennas, digital design, statistics, programming, and logic gates. This is acredited as one of my experiences that truly opened my eyes to the beauty of technology.

Austin, Texas


Explore Austin

2018 - Present

Board of Directors

Explore Austin uses mentoring and outdoor adventure to transform the lives of youth from low-income communities so they can reach their full potential. Through a leadership based outdoor adventure curriculum coupled with social-emotional learning components and long-term mentoring, Explore Austin is improving the well-being of each participant, their families, and the community. I serve on the Board of Directors and I work closely with other alumni and the programs committee on diversity and other issues.

Austin, Texas


Founding member of District VII's A.Y.P. LULAC Council.

Austin, Texas


  • C++

  • Javascript

  • JQuery

  • PHP

  • HTML5

  • CSS6

  • Bootstrap

  • LAMP Stack

  • Python

  • Linux Command Line

  • OOP

  • WordPress

  • Node.js

  • MySQL

  • Firebase

  • MERN Stack



  • English

  • Spanish

  • Portuguese



  • Mac

  • Windows

  • Linux Distros

  • Brackets

  • Visual Studios

  • Amazon Web Services

  • VMWare | ESXi

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • FileZilla

  • Putty

  • Name Cheap | GoDaddy

  • G Suite


  • Salesforce